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Auckland is by far the largest city in New Zealand. It is located on the northern part of the North Island, which is the most populous of the islands.
Auckland, Harbour, Skyline0809974Auckland, Aerial View0816977aAuckland, City Hall V0809991Auckland, Aerial View0816973aAuckland, Harbour, Skyline0809983Auckland, Harbour, Waterfront0809998Auckland, Domain, Museum0810079aAuckland, Mt Eden, View0810134Auckland, One Tree Hill, View0810128Auckland, Skyline f Devonport0810075Auckland Airport, No Smoking0816982bAuckland, City Hall V0810077Auckland, Devonport V0810053aAuckland, Devonport, Beach0810055aAuckland, Devonport, Mt Victoria0810063Auckland, Devonport, Navy Base0810036aAuckland, Devonport, North Head, Cannon0810066aAuckland, Devonport, North Head, View0810069aAuckland, Devonport, Ship0810040aAuckland, Domain, Museum V0810107

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