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Dublin is the capital and largest city in Ireland. The first time I went there, people were not in very good spirits, as they were having a garbage collection strike, a public transport stike, and the rainiest week on history up until then. But things were a lot nicer the last time I was there. The first time, I did not really get to visit the pubs as they were all smoke-filled, but now smoking is not allowed which makes it much nicer.
Dublin, Molly Malone Sculpture1038932aDublin, Temple Bar, ONeills Pub131-0810Dublin, Temple Bar, Street131-0821Dublin, HaPenny Br, Love Locks131-0827Dublin, Jeanie Johnston Ship131-0855Dublin, Customs House131-0861Dublin, Oliver St John Gogarty Pub131-0864Dublin, The Temple Bar131-0869Dublin, Oliver St John Gogarty Bar131-0871Dublin, Famine Memorial V131-0849Dublin, HaPenney Br131-0872Dublin, Moore Statue131-0233Dublin, Georgian Door V1038552aDublin, Liffey R1038540aDublin, National Conference Centre1038979aDublin, National Conference Centre1038984aDublin, Palace Bar, Flowers V1038944aDublin, Custom House1038961aDublin, Trinity College, Dame St Entrance1038549aDublin, Samuel Beckett Br1038977a

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