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Lindau is a small Bavarian town located on an island in the Bodensee (also known as Lake Constance). It is connected to the mainland by train and road over a causeway.
Lindau, Harbor0941617Lindau, Harbor0941599bLindau, Tower0941561Lindau, Harbor0941635Lindau, Street0941659Lindau, Tower V0941565Lindau, Hotel0941606Lindau, Lighthouse V0941544Lindau, Lighthouse View, Schiffsrundfahrten0941585Lindau, Lighthouse, Boats0941609Lindau, Lighthouse, Stairs0941593Lindau, CPR Dummy V0941607Lindau, Rathaus V0941656Lindau, Train Station V0941669Lindau, Beach0941628Lindau, Beer Garden0941639Lindau, Bldg V0941629Lindau, Harbor0941595aLindau, Lighthouse V0941540Lindau, Lighthouse V0941552

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