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The Shetland Islands are located quite northeast of Scotland. I did not get to visit the islands, but watched them as we passed by on a ship.
Shetland Islands, Bird Rock1040201aShetland Islands, Gannet1040152aShetland Islands, Gannet1040153aShetland Islands, Gannet1040155Shetland Islands, Gannet1040203aShetland Islands, Lighthouse1040090aShetland Islands, Lighthouse1040102aShetland Islands, Lighthouse1040139aShetland Islands, Puffin1040134aShetland Islands, Puffin1040146aShetland Islands, Puffin1040147aShetland Islands, Puffin1040157aShetland Islands, Puffin1040167aShetland Islands, Puffin1040168aShetland Islands, Puffin1040169aShetland Islands, Puffin1040175aShetland Islands, Puffin1040190aShetland Islands, Radar Installation1040099aShetland Islands, Radar Installation1040108aShetland Islands1040092a

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