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Halki is a small village in the center of the Greek island of Naxos. The main city of the island, Chora, is featured on its own page on this website.
Naxos, Halki, Cafe1018142Naxos, Halki, Bldgs1018172Naxos, Halki, Flowers V1018126Naxos, Halki, Door1018208Naxos, Halki, Flowers V1018132Naxos, Halki, Square1018160Naxos, Halki, Flowers V1018148Naxos, Halki, Flowers V1018150Naxos, Halki, Street1018169Naxos, Halki, Flowers V1018188Naxos, Halki, Vallindras Distillery1018181Naxos, Halki, Window V1018177Naxos, Halki, Flowers1018135Naxos, Halki, Alley V1018210Naxos, Halki, Cafe V1018123Naxos, Halki, Cafe1018121Naxos, Halki, Cafe1018158Naxos, Halki, Cafe1018165Naxos, Halki, Church1018201Naxos, Halki, Door1018202a

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