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I think the Lynn Canal is one of the most beautiful waterways along the Inside Passage. This long fjord runs straight between Haines and Skagway. Part way along is Eldred Rock, with a very interesting octagonal lighthouse
Lynn Canal Sailboat FSLynn Canal, Eldred Rock FSLynn Canal, Eldred Rock V020708-4885Lynn Canal, Eldred Rock020708-4877Lynn Canal, Eldred Rock020708-4878Lynn Canal, Eldred Rock020708-4887Lynn Canal, Eldred Rock020708-4894Lynn Canal, Eldred Rock0820493aLynn Canal, Eldred Rock0820495Lynn Canal, Eldred Rock0820508Lynn Canal, Eldred Rock0820515Lynn Canal, Eldred Rock0820519aLynn Canal, Eldred Rock0820524aLynn Canal, Eldred Rock0820528aLynn Canal, Eldred Rock0820529Lynn Canal, Sailboat0820481aLynn Canal, Helicopter020708-4866Lynn Canal0820489aLynn Canal S -2780Lynn Canal, Eldred Rock S -2924

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