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These are images from a very quick trip to the port city of Cartagena, Colombia. The images are from slides, and may not be as sharp as the digital images on the site.
Cartagena, San Pedro Claver S -8214Cartagena, Church S -8215Cartagena, Church S V-8216Cartagena, Schoolkids S -8217Cartagena, Street Vendor, Musician S -8218Cartagena, Street Balcony S V-8219Cartagena, Street S -8220Cartagena, Bullfight, Poster S V-8221Cartagena, Street S V-8222Cartagena, Boat S -8223Cartagena, Street, Balconies S -8224Cartagena, Church, Dome S V-8225Cartagena, Flowers S -8226

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