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Lake Lucerne is a beautiful large mountain area lake, dominated by Mounts Rigi and Pilatus. The city of Lucerne (which has its own page on this site) lies at one end, and boats transport passengers to various villages along the lake and to the village of Fluelen at the other end where passengers can connect with a train, and the boat is even included on the rail passes.
Lk Lucerne, Boat House0942512Lk Lucerne, Boat House0942520Lk Lucerne, Boat House0942535Lk Lucerne, Boat0942504Lk Lucerne, Boat0942721Lk Lucerne, Boat0942754Lk Lucerne, Fluelen, Bldg V0942810Lk Lucerne, Fluelen, Steamboat V0942801Lk Lucerne, Fluelen, Steamboat0942690Lk Lucerne, Fluelen, Steamboat0942691Lk Lucerne, Fluelen, Steamboat0942798Lk Lucerne, Fluelen, Steamboat0942807Lk Lucerne, Fluelen0942808Lk Lucerne, Hotel0942507Lk Lucerne, Hotel0942509Lk Lucerne, House0942514Lk Lucerne, House0942516Lk Lucerne, Saviour Statue V0942528Lk Lucerne, Saviour Statue V0942530Lk Lucerne, Steamboat Uri V0942747

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