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Ia is located at one end of the cliffs, furthest from where the cruise ships and ferries stop. It is a very popular place to watch the sun set.
Santorini, Ia, Windmills1017471Santorini, Ia V1017359aSantorini, Ia, Bell Tower1017379aSantorini, Ia, Bar1017422Santorini, Ia, Bell Tower1017522Santorini, Ia, Church Bells, Sunset V1018084bSantorini, Ia, Church Bells, Sunset1018065Santorini, Ia, Church Dome, Sunset1018006aSantorini, Ia, Church Dome1017356Santorini, Ia, Church Dome1017354aSantorini, Ia, Dog1017477Santorini, Ia, House1017443aSantorini, Ia, Windmill, Sunset V1018092Santorini, Ia, Windmill, Sunset1017997Santorini, Ia, Windmill, Sunset1018007Santorini, Ia1017372aSantorini, Ia1017386aSantorini, Ia1017463Santorini, Ia V1017404Santorini, Ia V1017467

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