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Sofia is the capital and largest city in Bulgaria.
Sofia, Benches S -8971Sofia, Posters S -8972Sofia, St George Church S -8973Sofia, Dimitrov Mausoleum S -8974Sofia, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral S -8975Sofia, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral S V-8976Sofia, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Candles S -8977Sofia, Nevsky Place S -8978Sofia, Nat Art Gallery, Statue S -8979Sofia, Palace of Culture S -8980Sofia, Banner S -8981Sofia, Palace of Culture S -8982Sofia, Vitosha Blvd S -8983Sofia, Jewelry Market S V-8984Sofia, Lenin Place S -8985Sofia, Dimitrov Mausoleum, Man Sleeping on Bench S -8986Sofia, Bldg140-8987Sofia, Chess Players S V-8988Sofia, State Assembly S -8989Sofia, Military Statue S -8990

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