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Fair Isle is remotely located northeast of the Scottish mainland, about halfway between the Orkney Islands and the Shetland Islands. I did not actually get to set foot on Fair Isle, but passed by on a ship.
Fair Isle, Cliffs, Bldgs1040033Fair Isle, Cliffs, Bldgs, Lighthouse1040048aFair Isle, Cliffs, Bldgs1040032Fair Isle, Cliffs, Bldgs1040034aFair Isle, Cliffs, Bldgs1040035aFair Isle, Cliffs, Bldgs1040044aFair Isle, Cliffs, Bldgs1040045aFair Isle, Cliffs, Bldgs1040053aFair Isle, Cliffs, House1040027aFair Isle, Cliffs, Tower1040040aFair Isle, Cliffs1040025aFair Isle, Cliffs1040031aFair Isle, Cliffs1040038aFair Isle, Cliffs1040041aFair Isle, Cliffs1040047aFair Isle, Foghorn1040084aFair Isle, Lighthouse1040023aFair Isle, Lighthouse1040077aFair Isle, Lighthouse1040082aFair Isle, Windmill1040026a

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