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Doubtful Sound is a fjord in the southwest part of the South Island, a bit south of Milford Sound. It can be reached by boat from the Tasman Sea, or on a tour that traverses Lake Manapouri and tours the Manapouri Power Station along the way.
Doubtful Sound, Ovrlk V0736021Doubtful Sound, Waterfall0736039aDoubtful Sound V0736132Doubtful Sound0736128Lk Manapouri0735984aLk Manapouri0735990Lk Manapouri0736190Manapouri Doubtful Sound Rd, Icicles0735999aDoubtful Sound, Birds0736105Doubtful Sound, Birds0736111Doubtful Sound, Birds0736115aDoubtful Sound, Boat V0736049Doubtful Sound, Boat0736058Doubtful Sound, Ovrlk0736017Doubtful Sound, Waterfall V0736168Doubtful Sound, Waterfall V0736172Doubtful Sound0736068Doubtful Sound0736072aDoubtful Sound0736080Doubtful Sound0736093

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