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The Coromandel Peninsula is a very popular vacation area to the south and east of Auckland. There are some beautiful short hikes and interesting beaches, including the Hot Water Beach, where you can dig your own hot tub as the water there is heated by the natural geothermic energy there.
Hahei, Cathedral Cove0732512Hahei, Cathedral Cove0732527Hahei, Cathedral Cove0732583Hahei, Beach0732297Hahei, Cathedral Cove Tr, Sunset0732390Hahei, Cathedral Cove Tr, Sunset0732393Hahei, Cathedral Cove Tr0732470Hahei, Cathedral Cove Tr0732331Hahei, Cathedral Cove Tr0732334Hahei, Cathedral Cove Tr0732375aHahei, Cathedral Cove V0732609aHahei, Cathedral Cove, Girls in Water0732600aHahei, Cathedral Cove, Spider Web0732312Hahei, Hot Water Beach0732429Coromandel, Twin Kauri Reserve0732652Hahei, Beach0732296Hahei, Beach0732303aHahei, Beach0732310Hahei, Cathedral Cove Tr V0732383Hahei, Cathedral Cove Tr V0732474

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