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Syros is one of the islands of the Cyclades in the Agean Sea.
Syros1016677aSyros1016637Syros, Ermoupolis V1016363Syros, Ermoupolis V1016470Syros, Ermoupolis, Balcony V1016521Syros, Ermoupolis, Cats on Table V1016546aSyros, Ermoupolis, Cats on Table V1016556aSyros, Ermoupolis, Church Dome1016578aSyros, Ermoupolis, Church1016361Syros, Ermoupolis, Church1016561aSyros, Ermoupolis, City Hall1016611Syros, Ermoupolis, Door, Clothespins1016459aSyros, Ermoupolis, Doors1016415aSyros, Flowers, Church Tower V1016524aSyros, Lighthouse1016696Syros, Monastery, Church, Int1016582Syros, Priest1016444aSyros, Stairway V1016472aSyros, Stairway V1016602Syros, Vegetable Market1016610a

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