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Sunset views over the Indian Ocean from aboard the MV Explorer. The MV Explorer is the ship that carries the Semester at Sea Program. These are from the Spring 2012 Semester.
Indian Ocean, Sunset, MV Explorer120-7404Indian Ocean, Full Moon120-7334Indian Ocean, Sunset, MV Explorer120-7413Indian Ocean, Full Moon120-7335Indian Ocean, Sunset120-7377Indian Ocean, Sunset120-7388Indian Ocean, Sunset, MV Explorer120-7403Indian Ocean, Sunset120-7345Indian Ocean, Sunset120-7347Indian Ocean, Sunset120-7349Indian Ocean, Sunset120-7352Indian Ocean, Sunset, MV Explorer120-7408Indian Ocean, Sunset120-7355Indian Ocean, Sunset120-7361Indian Ocean, Sunset, MV Explorer120-7409Indian Ocean, Full Moon120-7365Indian Ocean, Full Moon120-7368Indian Ocean, Full Moon120-7370Indian Ocean, Full Moon V120-7373Indian Ocean, Sunset120-7383

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