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These are some images taken during a daytrip this past October (2011) to Acadia National Park in Maine.
Acadia NP, f Cadillac Mtn112-1594Acadia NP, Isle au Haut, Lobster Boueys S V-2939Acadia NP, Eagle Lake S -2861Acadia NP, Eagle Lk112-1700Acadia NP, Somesville, Garden, Bridge V131-2232Acadia NP, f Cadillac Mtn112-1592Acadia NP, Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse131-2193Acadia NP, f Cadillac Mtn112-1596Acadia NP, f Cadillac Mtn112-1589Acadia NP, f Cadillac Mtn112-1606Acadia NP, Fall Foliage0947854aAcadia NP, Pond0947873aAcadia NP, Eagle Lake131-2108Acadia NP, Eagle Lake131-2112Acadia NP, Eagle Lake, Kayaker131-2131Acadia NP, Trees131-2155Acadia NP, Sand Beach, Fence0461818Acadia NP, f Cadillac Mtn112-1618Bar Harbor, Ship170-8199Acadia NP, Sand Beach170-8203

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