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Munich is the Bavarian Capital, and also the capital of beer and home of the Oktoberfest (held every September), and famous beer halls like the Hofbrauhaus. It is also located close to some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe with the Bavarian Alps.
Munich, Rathaus, Marienplatz0941356Munich, Marienplatz0941373Munich, Rathaus, Glockenspiel V0941374Munich, Rathaus, Marienplatz, Fountain V0941368Munich, Rathaus, Marienplatz0941358Munich, Statue, VMunich, Hofbrauhaus, Band0941396Munich, Hofbrauhaus, Ceiling0941393Munich, Hofbrauhaus, Outside0941378Munich, Hofbrauhaus0941377Munich, Hofbrauhaus0941394

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