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Ensenada Grande is one of the most beautiful island and beach settings off the coast of La Paz in the Sea of Cortes.
Ensenada Grande, Cacti115-1569Ensenada Grande, Fishing Boat031225-5110Ensenada Grande, Honeycomb Rock030219-3066aEnsenada Grande, Kayak, Fishing Boat031225-5098aEnsenada Grande, Kayakers, V030213-2121Ensenada Grande, Kayakers030213-2119Ensenada Grande, Rock Formation030213-2106Ensenada Grande, Rocky Shoreline114-1486Ensenada Grande, Turkey Vulture123-2303aEnsenada Grande, Turkey Vultures on Cactus123-23xxEnsenada Grande, V030213-2111Ensenada Grande, V031225-5092aEnsenada Grande, V031225-5094Ensenada Grande030219-3082aIsla Partida, Ensenada Grande, Kayakers115-1542

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