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Russell is one of New Zealand's prettiest towns. It is located in the Bay of Islands, and was the site of the first capital of New Zealand.
Russell, Ovrlk1014961Russell, Beach1014464Russell, Wharf1014911Russell, f Flagstaff Hill0734790Russell, Fishing on the Beach1014439Russell, Boat1014453aRussell, Christ Church0734830Russell, Church1115314Russell, Long Beach0936451Russell, Sailboat1014991aRussell, Tree V1015086aRussell, Ovrlk1014928Russell, Ovrlk1014954Russell, Boating Club1115318Russell, Boy1014411aRussell, Waterfront, Cannon0734759aRussell, Waterfront, Police Station0734770Russell, Wharf1014456aRussell Ferry, Fishing1014990Russell, Art1014972a

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