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Monaco is actually considerably larger than the first time I went there. A lot of land has been claimed from the sea, by landfill. A good deal of what is in these pictures was not there the first time I went
Port of Monaco1032501aMonaco Ville, Overlook130-8151Port of Fontvieille1032439Port of Fontvieille, Anatomic Sculpture1032418aMonaco Port, Statue130-8115Port of Monaco1032506aMonaco, Harbor, Ship139-0110Monaco Port130-8122Monaco Port, Statue130-8155Monaco, Sign V1032390aPort of Fontvieille, Anatomic Sculpture V1032417aPort of Fontvieille1032420Port of Fontvieille1032440Port of Monaco, Boats1032593Port of Monaco1032596Monaco Port130-8116Monaco Port130-8118Monaco Port130-8124Monaco Port130-8127Monaco Port130-8141

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