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Tikopia is a rarely visited island in the Solomon Islands group. Ships rarely visit here and the only medical care is a locally trained nurse. I saw some of the most serious medical problems of the trip in the three villages on this island. It can be very frustrating as there is nothing I can do for some of the advanced conditions. But it is quite rewarding when there is something I can do to help.
Solomon Is, Tikopia, People0612418aSolomon Is, Tikopia, SOO Landing Site0612506Solomon Is, Tikopia, People V0612490Solomon Is, Tikopia, People0612432aSolomon Is, Tikopia, Boy in Village0612440Solomon Is, Tikopia, Elderly Woman0612454Solomon Is, Tikopia, Sunset0612523Solomon Is, Tikopia, Village, Boy0612470Solomon Is, Tikopia, SOO, Boy0612427aSolomon Is, Tikopia, Father and Daughter V0612479aSolomon Is, Tikopia, Hut0612467aSolomon Is, Tikopia, People on Fallen Tree0612424aSolomon Is, Tikopia, People0612407aSolomon Is, Tikopia, People0612488aSolomon Is, Tikopia, Kids0612387Solomon Is, Tikopia, Kids0612388Solomon Is, Tikopia, Kids V0612397Solomon Is, Tikopia, Kids0612398Solomon Is, Tikopia, SOO, Landing V0612415aSolomon Is, Tikopia, Hut0612434

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