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Arthurs Pass is a National Park that encompasses much of a mountain range running north and south along the western part of the country. The pass is one of the few routes from west to east, including a great drive over the pass and lots of hiking opportunities.
Arthurs Pass NP, Bealey R0811185Arthurs Pass NP, Bealey R0811204Arthurs Pass NP, Goat Creek0810984Arthurs Pass NP, Otira Gorge Viaduct0811109Arthurs Pass NP, Otira Gorge0811081Arthurs Pass NP, Otira Gorge0811094Arthurs Pass NP, Otira R0811040Arthurs Pass NP, Punchbowl Falls0811116aArthurs Pass NP, River0811014Arthurs Pass Rd, Lk Pearson0811238Castle Hill, Arthurs Pass Rd, Rock Formations0811257aArthurs Pass NP V0811220Arthurs Pass NP, Bealey R V0811182Arthurs Pass NP, Bealey R V0811189Arthurs Pass NP, Bealey R0811193Arthurs Pass NP, Goat Creek V0810993Arthurs Pass NP, Otira Gorge V0811089Arthurs Pass NP, Otira Gorge V0811098Arthurs Pass NP, Otira Gorge Viaduct0811114Arthurs Pass NP, Otira R V0811037

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