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These are a few images of northern California, inland from the coast.
Montague, Mt Shasta Lavendar Farms141-1346Lucerne, Clear Lake, Pier130-5907Lucerne, Clear Lake, Pier130-5895Colusa, nr, Sunflowers141-1405Castle Crag SP141-0987Cloverdale, Vineyard130-6829Redding, Sundial Br V171-8334Redding, Sundial Br V171-8339Montague, Mt Shasta Lavendar Farms141-1337Tule Lake141-2199Oroville Dam 201-3136Oroville Dam V201-3132Lucerne, Clear Lake, Pier130-5896Lucerne, Clear Lake, Pier130-5899Lucerne, Clear Lake, Pier V130-5903Lucerne, Clear Lake, Pier130-5908Lake Berryessa, Monticello Dam130-6189Lake Berryessa, Monticello Dam V130-6190Lake Berryessa, Monticello Dam130-6192Lake Berryessa130-6194

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