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The Parks Highway leads from Wasilla, north of Anchorage, to Fairbanks, passing Denali State and National Parks along the way. Having said that, the name of the road is not named for the famous parks along the way, but for an early governor of the territory of Alaska, George Parks.
Denali SP, Aerial0580857aDenali SP, North Denali Ovrlk0576183Denali SP, South Denali Ovrlk0576197Denali SP, Veterans Mem, V0576189Denali SP, Veterans Mem0576186Denali SP, Veterans Mem0576192Nancy Lake SP0580876Nenana, Church, Tripod0610639aNenana, Church0610644aNenana, Doorway V0610647Nenana, Flowers0610635Nenana, Gift Shop0610629Nenana, House0610648Nenana, Ice Classic Tower V0610641Nenana, Ice Classic, Tripod V0610633Parks Hwy V0583620aParks Hwy V0583633Parks Hwy, Hurricane Gulch0576174Parks Hwy, Kashwitna Lake0573713Parks Hwy, Kashwitna Lake0573720a

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