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Rugby is the national sport of New Zealand and they take it seriously. There are professional teams and sometimes they play matches in local communities such as this event set up on the Domain in the town of Kerikeri.
Kerikeri, Rugby, Fans0946849Kerikeri, Rugby, Glasses0946852Kate Steven, Kerikeri, Rugby V0946985Kerikeri, Rugby, Pregame0946857aKerikeri, Rugby0946902Kerikeri, Rugby0946947Kerikeri, Rugby, Mascot0946941Kerikeri, Rugby0946915Kerikeri, Rugby V0946928Kerikeri, Rugby, Fans V0946842Kerikeri, Rugby, Fans0946894aKerikeri, Rugby, Mascot V0946863Kerikeri, Rugby, Mascot V0946930Kerikeri, Rugby, Mascot V0946933Kerikeri, Rugby, Mascot V0946935Kerikeri, Rugby, Mascot V0946939Kerikeri, Rugby, Mascot0946865aKerikeri, Rugby, Urinal Fence0946979Kerikeri, Rugby0946880aKerikeri, Rugby, Fans V0946968

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