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I actually fell off the Eiffel Tower. In fact it was the day some of these photos were taken. We had climbed the stairs to the second station, took the upper elevator to the top and back to the second station again, but while there got a big thunderstorm. While it was probably perfectly safe to be there in the downpour, we decided to hasten our way down the stairs, and I rounded the corner at the top of a flight of stairs, and the steps went out from under me and I landed again at the very bottom of that flight of stairs, missing all the others steps along the way. I gashed my elbow pretty good and hurt my back a bit, but otherwise okay. I did get a taste of the French medical system though, figuring I should get my elbow sewn up. Went to an Emergency department at a nearby hospital and they said it didn't constitute an emergency so I should go to a clinic instead. Went to a clinic and they said it was more than they could handle, so I needed to go to the emergency room. Well, with the help of Nurse Katie, my girlfriend, we got it all fixed up and my elbow is doing just fine. I'm glad it wasn't a 'real emergency"! So, if fyou climb the steps of the Eiffel tower, and wonder what all those blood stains are from, now you know.
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