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Star Island, Stone Church V150-8156Star Island, Oceanic Hotel, Flowers and Curtain160-8874White Island, f Star Island150-8173Star Island, Oceanic Hotel, Window V150-7914Star Island, Oceanic Hotel, Gazebo, Musicians150-7911Star Island, Stone Church150-8163Star Island, Oceanic Hotel, Porch, Chairs150-7993Star Island, Heron150-7902Star Island, Bird150-7751Star Island, Stone Church V150-8151Star Island, Oceanic Hotel, Fire Hose V150-7840Star Island, Oceanic Hotel, Buildings150-7849Star Island, Rocks, Woman Writing150-7884Star Island, Oceanic Hotel150-8176Star Island, Vaughn Thaxter Cottage150-7708Star Island, MV Thomas Leighton150-7984Star Island, Dock, Musicians150-7986White Island, f Star Island150-8110Star Island150-8120Star Island, Oceanic Hotel150-8179

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Guestbook for Isles of Shoals 2015
M J Vega
Was this a day trip, or did you stay for a while? Love the baby bird photos.
The guestbook is empty.