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Sighisoara is one of the most beautiful towns in Romania, but is most famous as being the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, the inspiration (loosely) for Dracula. I think that connotation almost detracts from what is so special about this great town.
Sighisoara, Street031001-1175aSighisoara, Street031001-1209aSighisoara, Woman in Passageway, Night031001-1318Sighisoara, Bldgs, V031001-1204aSighisoara, Boy, V031001-1190Sighisoara, Buckshead, N, V031001-1321Sighisoara, Clock Tower, Figurine, V031001-1156Sighisoara, Clock Tower, Figurines031001-1143Sighisoara, Clock Tower, N, V031001-1311Sighisoara, Clock Tower031001-1172Sighisoara, Covered Stairway, V031002-1353Sighisoara, Electrician, V031001-1121Sighisoara, Flowers031001-1217Sighisoara, Flowers031002-1368aSighisoara, Hill f Clock Tower031001-1125aSighisoara, Ironwork031001-1197aSighisoara, People in Gate031001-1173aSighisoara, Piata Cetatii, N031001-1330Sighisoara, Piata Cetatii, V031001-1232Sighisoara, School, V031002-1343

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