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Westport is one of the few small cities along the western coast of the South Island of New Zealand.
Westport, Cape Foulwind, Fur Seals0810402aWestport, Cape Foulwind, Lighthouse0810239aWestport, Sunset0812195Westport, Cape Foulwind, Signs V0810292Westport, Beach V0812221Westport, Cape Foulwind, Weka0810231Westport, Cape Foulwind0810212Westport, Cape Foulwind0810215Westport, Cape Foulwind0810241aWestport, Cape Foulwind0810249Westport, Cape Foulwind0810457Westport, Municipal Chambers0810174Westport, Beach0812224Westport, Cape Foulwind V0810259Westport, Cape Foulwind, Fence0810411Westport, Cape Foulwind, Fur Seals0810393Westport, Cape Foulwind, Fur Seals0810397aWestport, Cape Foulwind, Fur Seals0810403aWestport, Cape Foulwind, Lighthouse V0810191Westport, Cape Foulwind, Lighthouse0810188

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