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The Elliott Highway begins a bit north of Fairbanks and extends 152 miles to Manley Hot Springs. There is talk of it one day extending all the way to Nome. This is a very remote road without cellphone service and not much traffic.
Elliott Hwy0611593Elliott Hwy V0611656aElliott Hwy, Owl0611729aJoy, Wildwood Store, Bldg0611752aJoy, Wildwood Store0611754Manley Hot Springs, Bridge0611600Manley Hot Springs, Moose0611597aManley Hot Springs, Roadhouse V0611608Manley Hot Springs, Roadhouse0611634Manley Hot Springs, Roadhouse, Bottles0611626Manley Hot Springs, Roadhouse, Flowers0611618Manley Hot Springs, Roadhouse, Sign V0611624Minto Lakes0611700Minto Lakes0611719Minto, Cemetery0611684Minto, Cemetery0611695Elliott Hwy V0611745Elliott Hwy, Owl V0611738aElliott Hwy0611588aElliott Hwy0611661

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