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Mangonui is a small town with a well-protected harbour on the eastern coast of the Northland of the North Island of New Zealand.
Mangonui, Pohutukawa Tree0936190Mangonui, Fishing Pier1014628Mangonui, Boat and Tree1014614Mangonui, Fish Shop1014624Mangonui, Fisherman V1014609Mangonui, Fisherman0936209aMangonui, Fishing Boats0936215Mangonui, Fishing Pier0936212Mangonui, Fishing Pier1014878Mangonui, Gull1014533Mangonui, Pohutukawa Tree V0936187Mangonui, Pohutukawa Tree0936193Mangonui0936165Mangonui0936178Mangonui0936192Mangonui0936207

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