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Akaroa is a town with a lot of French influence that is located on the Banks Peninsula east of Christchurch. It is one of the prettiest towns and settings in New Zealand. I am not sure though how it fared with the recent earthquakes.
Akaroa, Boat0816261aAkaroa, Boats0816175aAkaroa, Boat0816264aAkaroa, Boats0816289aBanks Peninsula, Akaroa0816302aAkaroa, Boat0816270aAkaroa, House0816220Akaroa, Kaik, Church0816147aAkaroa, Boats V0816162Akaroa, Lighthouse0816256aAkaroa, Onuku Farm Hostel, Babe the Dog V0816079aAkaroa, Onuku Rd, Gate0816120aAkaroa, Boats V0816183Akaroa, Onuku Rd, View0816128Akaroa, Onuku Rd, View0816136Akaroa, Boats0816045Akaroa, Boats0816250aAkaroa, Boats0816291aAkaroa, House0816215Akaroa, House0816218

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