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Taupo is right in the center of the North Island of New Zealand, and is located right on the shores of the lake with the same name. Lake Taupo is famous as one of the best trout fishing lakes in the world. Taupo is also surrounded by volcanic hot spots.
Taupo, Lk Taupo0731345Taupo, Waikato R V0730653Taupo, Airport, Rainbow V0730638Taupo, Craters of the Moon, Ferns V0730712Taupo, Craters of the Moon, Ferns0730685Taupo, Craters of the Moon0730679Taupo, Craters of the Moon0730695aTaupo, Craters of the Moon0730701Taupo, Craters of the Moon0730715Taupo, Craters of the Moon0730720Taupo, Fish Sculpture0730650aTaupo, Geothermal Power Project0731325Taupo, Geothermal Power Project0731339Taupo, Huka Falls, Spider Web V0730658Taupo, Huka Falls0730663Taupo, Huka Falls0730668Taupo, Huka Falls0730672Taupo, Mallard Duck0730642aTaupo, Waikato R0731347Turangi, Lk Taupo0731356

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