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Sydney, Opera House f Harbour Br191-0800Sydney, Sydney Harbour Bridge191-0845Sydney, Harbour Bridge, MV Carnival Spirit191-0780Sydney, Anzac Memorial V191-0969Sydney, Hyde Park, Archibald Fountain191-0977Sydney, Architecture191-1000Sydney, Bondi Beach, Mural191-1073Sydney, Bondi Beach, Pool191-1061Sydney, Bondi Beach, Tree, Rainbow, V191-1087Sydney, Bondi Beach191-1036Sydney, Bondi Beach191-1071Sydney, Botanical Garden191-0840Sydney, Downtown f The Domain191-0723Sydney, Downtown f The Domain191-0724Sydney, Harbour Br f Opera House191-0765Sydney, Harbour Br V191-0813Sydney, Harbour, Ft. Denison191-0764Sydney, Harrys Cafe de Wheels191-0702Sydney, Hyde Park, Archibald Fountain191-0982Sydney, Manly Beach. Surfer191-0902

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