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Hollywood, Chinese Theater141-1768Hollywood, Walk of Fame, Stars141-1775Hollywood, Street141-1782Hollywood, Shopping Center, Elephant141-1785Hollywood, Clock, Dinosaur141-1821Hollywood Shopping Center141-2Hollywood, People on Street141-1806Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe V141-1819Hollywood, Showgirls141-1736Hollywood, Capitol Records V141-1739Hollywood, People on Street141-1815Hollywood, Pacific Theater V141-1731Hollywood, Walk of Fame, Stars141-1733Hollywood, Walk of Fame, Stars141-1740Hollywood, Pantages Theater141-1741Hollywood, Hollywood and Vine V141-1742Hollywood, Pantages Theater V141-1743Hollywood, Pantages Theater V141-1744Hollywood, Walk of Fame, Stars V141-1746Hollywood, Pacific Theater Towers V141-1747

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