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Lugano, on Lake Lugano, is in the southern part of Switzerland bordering with Italy and has a distinctly Italian flare.
Lk Lugano, Gandria V0942872Lk Lugano, Gandria, Street V0942879Lk Lugano, Gandria V0942873Lk Lugano, Gandria, Electrical Pole V0942883Lk Lugano, Gandria, Mt San Salvatore0942887Lk Lugano, Gandria, Road Support0942885Lk Lugano, Gandria, Shrine V0942882Lk Lugano, Gandria0942869Lk Lugano, Gandria0942874Lk Lugano, Gandria0942888Lk Lugano, Village0942846Lk Lugano, Village0942847Lk Lugano, Village0942852Lk Lugano, Village0942858Lk Lugano, Village0942861Lk Lugano, Village0942866Lk Lugano0942842Lugano, Bldg0942821Lugano, Church, Ceiling V0942915Lugano, Church, Int V0942918

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