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This beautiful mosque was built in the early 1600s and has six minarets -the only mosque with more is the one in Mecca. It is positioned near the also impressive Aya Sofya in Istanbul, Turkey, which has its own page on this site.
Istanbul, Blue Mosque1015721Istanbul, Blue Mosque1015803aIstanbul, Blue Mosque1015591Istanbul, Blue Mosque1015636Istanbul, Blue Mosque S -9585Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Rugs S -9572Istanbul, Blue Mosque V1016006Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Bear V1015601Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Int V1015688Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Int V1016031Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Int1016046Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Women1016012Istanbul, Blue Mosque V1015635Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Calligraphy1015652aIstanbul, Blue Mosque, Int V1015681Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Int V1015687Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Int V1016030Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Int V1016035Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Int V1016037Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Int1015657

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