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These are some images from along the northern coast of California.
North Coast nr Bodega Bay170-5382North Coast nr Bodega Bay170-5390Russian River, Beach, Older Couple V170-5410Russian River, Mouth170-5420Russian River, Mouth170-5421Russian River, nr, Golden Eagle on Sign V170-5435Crescent City, Lighthouse180-9822Nr Crescent City, Coast180-9823Westport, Juan River Br Viewpoint201-3351Westport, Juan River Br Viewpoint201-3346Westport, Seaside Creek Beach201-3373Westport, Seaside Creek Beach201-3379Westport, Westport Community Store201-3368Russian River, Beach170-5398Crescent City, Lighthouse180-9819Russian River, Mouth170-5418Russian River, Beach170-5399Russian River, Mouth170-5423Trinidad, Memorial Lighthouse130-5768Trinidad, College Cove130-5773

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