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I've been to Scotland on a few occasions, particularly when I lived in England. But those were in the predigital days, so my photos are all slides, which I will eventually get scanned. Meanwhile, here is one image that I did get scanned, of the Eilean Donan castle in the northern Scottish highlands.
Scottish Highlands, Eilean Donan Castle S -4148Jedburgh, Abbey131-1576Selkirk, Downtown131-1517Selkirk, Window131-1536Jedburgh, Abbey V131-1562Jedburgh, Abbey131-1573Jedburgh, Abbey131-1565Jedburgh, Abbey V131-1557Selkirk, Cemetery131-1499Selkirk, Cemetery131-1500Selkirk, Cemetery131-1501Selkirk, Cemetery131-1503Selkirk, Cemetery131-1505Selkirk, Cemetery131-1507Selkirk, Cemetery V131-1509Selkirk, Cemetery131-1511Selkirk, Cemetery131-1513Selkirk, Scott Memorial V131-1519Selkirk, Bldg V131-1523Selkirk, Scott Monument V131-1524

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