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Damme is a quaint medieval town along a canal a few kilometers outside of the city of Brugge, Belgium. I visited this with my girlfriend while on a bike ride from Brugge to Holland.
Damme, Cyclists1051997aDamme, Tour Boat1051802aDamme, Town Hall1052002aDamme, Windmill V1051841aDamme, Windmill V1051849Damme, Windmill, Blade1051907aDamme, Windmill, Intl1051885aKatie Young, Windmill, Damme, Belgium V1051822aDamme to Oostkerke Bike Trail V1052149aDamme to Oostkerke, Canal1052147aDamme to Sluis Trail, Barn1052303aDamme to Sluis Trail, Canal, Ferry V1052271aDamme to Sluis Trail, Ducks and Geese1052252aDamme, Bldgs1051993aDamme, Church, Bell Tower, Int V1052085Damme, Church, Bell Tower, View V1052052Damme, Church, Bell Tower, View1052033aDamme, Church, Bell Tower, View1052048aDamme, Church, Wedding V1052107aBrugge, Bike Trail to Damme, Canal V1051774a

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