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Santander is a port city and the capital of the Cantabria area of northwest Spain. I was basically just passing through, headed to other areas, so these are mostly images from a bus.
Santander, Apartments1036505aSantander Area, Train Station1036659aSantander Area, Countryside1036655aSantander, Bldg, Plaza1036490aSantander, Boat1036494aSantander, Casino1036501aSantander, Lighthouse1036499aSantander, Nearby, Apartments1036508aSantander, Nearby, Power Plant1036510aSantander, Nearby, River1036514Santander, Nearby, Statue1036509Santander, Plaza V1036487aSantander, Ships1036663aSantander, Ships1036665aSantander, Statue V1036503a

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