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Olympia was the site of the original ancient olympic games, and it is still where the torch is lit prior to the modern games. Participants were generally nude in the ancient games, and it is unfortunate that the modern games are not more true to the ancient traditions.
Olympia, Olympic Flame Site1019298Olympia, Ruins1019255Olympia, Ruins1019258Olympia, Ruins1019261Olympia, Ruins1019248Olympia, Crowds1019250Olympia, Ruins1019266Olympia, Temple Ruins1019331Olympia, Stadium1019313Olympia, Stadium1019328Olympia, Museum V1019346Olympia, Museum V1019347Olympia, Museum V1019348Olympia, Museum V1019349Olympia, Museum V1019350Olympia, Museum V1019352Olympia, Museum V1019356Olympia, Museum V1019361Olympia, Museum1019336Olympia, Museum1019338

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