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Stonington is a fishing village on Deer Isle, on the Penobscot Peninusula. Unlike many coastal towns, though tourism is welcomed and encouraged, it is still mostly a working fishing village and famous for its granite quarrying. I worked in Stonington the winter of 1994-95 and have been in love with it since.
Deer Isle, Burnt Cove, Fishing Boat, Winter S -4156Deer Isle, Burnt Cove, Church S -2947Stonington, Lobster Traps S -2928Stonington, Dog Awakening S -2836Stonington, Canoe in Snow S -2831Stonington, BoatsStonington, Kayak Pier131-2523Stonington, Waterfront, Lupine V131-2520Stonington, Fishing Pier131-2535Stonington, Stone Cutter Monument V131-2510Stonington, Lobster Traps131-2536Stonington, Lobster Traps V131-2547Stonington, Harbor, Fishing Pier V131-2598Stonington, Harbor, Fishing Pier131-2599Stonington, Harbor, Fishing Pier131-2602Stonington, Lobster Traps131-2608Stonington, House131-2550Stonington, Harbor131-2573Stonington, Flowers131-2639Stonington, Flowers V131-2643

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