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The Franz Joseph Glacier is one of two glaciers along the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. These glaciers are unusual for their location surrounded by a rainforest.
Franz Joseph Glacier0811967Franz Joseph Glacier V0811941Franz Joseph Glacier0811537Franz Joseph Glacier, Tr, Ferns0811519Franz Joseph Glacier0811559aFranz Joseph Glacier0811992Franz Joseph, Waterfall V0811347Franz Joseph Glacier V0811501Franz Joseph Glacier V0811553Franz Joseph Glacier V0811982Franz Joseph Glacier V0812013Franz Joseph Glacier, Bridge0811481Franz Joseph Glacier, River V0811482Franz Joseph Glacier, Tr, Ferns V0811512Franz Joseph Glacier, Tr, Ferns V0811517Franz Joseph Glacier, Tr, Ferns V0811518Franz Joseph Glacier, Tr, Ferns V0811521Franz Joseph Glacier, Tr, Ferns0811513Franz Joseph Glacier, Tr0811565Franz Joseph Glacier, Tr0811586

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