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Mt Taratara, near Whangaroa on the east coast of the Northland of the North Island of New Zealand, is a fairly easy day hike with some great views.
Mt Taratara, Hike, Fencepost1014765Mt Taratara, Hike, Fencepost1014856Mt Taratara, Hike, View, Whangaroa Harbour1014776Mt Taratara, Hike, View, Whangaroa1014820Mt Taratara, Hike, View1014792Mt Taratara, Hike, View1014802Mt Taratara, Hike, View1014804Mt Taratara, Hike, View1014817Mt Taratara, Hike, View1014830Mt Taratara, Hike1014841Mt Taratara, Hike1014846Mt Taratara1014749Mt Taratara1014754Mt Taratara1014763Mt Taratara1014770Mt Taratara1014843

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