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St Pauls Rock is an easy climb for some terrific views around the Whangaroa area in the Northland of the North Island of New Zealand.
Whangaroa, St Pauls Rock191-2314Whangaroa, St Pauls Rock0735103Whangaroa, View f St Pauls Rock191-2319Whangaroa, View f St Pauls Rock V191-2341Whangaroa, View f St Pauls Rock191-2327Whangaroa, View f St Pauls Rock191-2337Whangaroa, View f St Pauls Rock191-2338Whangaroa, St Pauls Rock V1114956Whangaroa, St Pauls Rock0735093Whangaroa, Harbour, f St Pauls Rock0735132Whangaroa, Ota Pt, f St Pauls Rock0735107aWhangaroa, Rainbow, f St Pauls Rock0735140Whangaroa, St Pauls Rock V0735144Whangaroa, St Pauls Rock V1114953aWhangaroa, St Pauls Rock, Trail V1115004Whangaroa, St Pauls Rock, Trail1115006Whangaroa, St Pauls Rock, Trail1115007Whangaroa, St Pauls Rock, View1114954Whangaroa, St Pauls Rock, View1114957aWhangaroa, St Pauls Rock, View1114959

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