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Peterborough is a working town and has one of the oldest cathedrals in the country. The cathedral was the burying place for Catherine of Aragon and initially for Mary, Queen of Scots as well.
Peterborough, Cathedral131-1704Peterborough, Cathedral131-1706Peterborough, Cathedral131-1708Peterborough, Square nr Cathedral131-1712Peterborough, Cathedral131-1715Peterborough, Cathedral V131-1717Peterborough, Cathedral, Int V131-1719Peterborough, Cathedral, Int V131-1721Peterborough, Cathedral, Int131-1722Peterborough, Cathedral, Int131-1723Peterborough, Cathedral, Int V131-1724Peterborough, Cathedral, Int131-1725Peterborough, Cathedral, Int, Windows V131-1729Peterborough, Cathedral, Int V131-1730Peterborough, Cathedral, Int, Catherine of Aragon Tomb131-1734Peterborough, Cathedral, Int V131-1737Peterborough, Cathedral, Int V131-1741Peterborough, Cathedral, Int, Mary Queen of Scots Former Tomb131-1744Peterborough, Cathedral, Int131-1745Peterborough, Cathedral, Int V131-1747

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