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Ha Long Bay is one of the most beautiful spots in Asia, with an idyllic seascape, water villages, and interesting caves to explore. It can also be a relaxing change of pace while traveling in Vietnam. These shots are from a couple of different trips about ten years apart.
Ha Long Bay S -8807Ha Long Bay S -8808Ha Long Bay, Junk0949941aHa Long Bay, Junk0949948aHa Long Bay, Boat0949952aHa Long Bay, Junk0949944aHa Long Bay, Boat0950922aHa Long Bay, Boat Village0950022Ha Long Bay, Boat, Bird V0950713Ha Long Bay, Boat0949952aHa Long Bay, Boat0950518aHa Long Bay, Boat0950669Ha Long Bay, Boat0950743aHa Long Bay, Boat0950751aHa Long Bay, Boat0950761aHa Long Bay, Boat0950872aHa Long Bay, Boat0950898aHa Long Bay, Boats0950305Ha Long Bay, Boats0950680Ha Long Bay, Boats0950734b

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