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Benicia, First CA Capitol160-1656Benicia, Mannekin V160-1647Benicia, Sailor Jacks V160-1648Benicia, Downtown160-1649Benicia, Downtown, Flowers160-1650Benicia, Downtown160-1654Benicia, Downtown, Park160-1655Benicia, First CA Capitol160-1657Benicia, Movie Theater160-1658Benicia, Downtown, Sidewalk V160-1659Benicia, Downtown, Church160-1660Benicia, Downtown, Church V160-1661Benicia, Downtown, Community Garden160-1662Benicia, Downtown160-1663Benicia Oil Refinery

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Marty Vega(non-registered)
The church is St. Paul's Episcopal; they've been around since 1855. Dan may have worked in that refinery, depending on which one it was.
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