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These are images taken mostly from a moving bus, of the Northern Tunisian countryside.
La Goulette, Carthadinians, SOO Welcome1026547aLa Goulette, Carthaginians, SOO Welcome1026549aLa Goulette, Shoe Sellers1026563aLa Goulette, Train Stop1026566aNorthern Tunisia, Family1025943aNorthern Tunisia, Fieldworker1025935aNorthern Tunisia, Goats1026473aNorthern Tunisia, Jeans Shop1026469aNorthern Tunisia, Junk1025941aNorthern Tunisia, Junk1026274aNorthern Tunisia, Man Walking1026476aNorthern Tunisia, Men on Sidewalk1026276Northern Tunisia, Ornaments Shop1026474aNorthern Tunisia, People1026477aNorthern Tunisia, Shelter1025942aNorthern Tunisia, Shepherd1026462aNorthern Tunisia, Shepherds1025939aNorthern Tunisia, Tire Shop1026458Northern Tunisia, Tire Shop1026475aNorthern Tunisia, Woman in Doorway1025944a

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